Isofoton to Develop 50 MW Solar Power Plant in Ecuador

Isofoton, a leader in solar technology, and the National Electricity Council of Ecuador (CONELEC) have signed an agreement that enables the construction of a 50MW photovoltaic plant in Ecuador, the first and only one to date to obtain planning permission in the current system of premiums on the feed-in tariff in the country.

The plant is expected to generate 84,093 MW/hour per year of clean energy, equivalent to the consumption of 84,000 households, reducing annual CO2 emissions by 49,000 metric tons. It involves an investment of around 100 million USD and will employ 500 people. With this investment, Isofoton is increasing its photovoltaic leadership in Latin America.

Ecuador is considered a good country for photovoltaic investment because of its irradiation system, being is a photovoltaic energy hub for nearby countries such as Colombia and Peru.