SoWiTec to build 200 MW wind energy project in Russia

Wind farm capacity of 100-200 MW plans to build in the Rostov Region German company SoWiTec Group – an agreement was signed by Don Governor Vasily Golubev and CEO SoWiTec International GmbH Gerd Hummel.

Declared amount of the initial investment in the project – at least 6 billion.

“At SoWiTec Group, we have chosen the site of localization of the project – it is the territory of the former gambling zone” Azov-City “(the coast of Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea, west of the village of Port-Katon), where the wind farm is planned to rent a few areas,” – says Director General of Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region Igor Burakov.

The project involves the construction of up to 80 turbines and will be implemented in a number of rounds, and will start with a vetromonitoringa. This process will take between 6 to 12 months, and the building – another 1.5 – 2 years. During the time of the supposed vetroizmereny perform design work, hold elections and registration of land, obtain the necessary permits, etc.

According to preliminary estimates SoWiTec Group, in the Rostov region – a good wind potential, and therefore investment in wind power attractive. Don wind energy obtained on an industrial scale, SoWiTec Group plans to sell to consumers, the Rostov region and the neighboring Krasnodar region.