GE to invest in Kenya wind energy

General Electric Company (GE) a global manufacturer of large-scale industrial products has announced plans to invest over $100 million in generation of two wind power projects in Kenya starting next year.

Africa’s GE President Jay Ireland said that the company is in the final stages of negotiations with Kenya Power on the issue of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Ireland said the company plans to generate close to 150 Megawatts in the projects at Kinangop.

“I would say, the project is in the 100 million dollar range. We have started with two wind projects and we are now working with KPCL to finalize the negotiations on PPA. We will probably break ground next year,” said Ireland.

He added that if the company succeeds in the generation of the wind power in the two projects, it will invest in other power projects in the countries to produce up to 1,000 Megawatts.

“We can’t produce huge power within two years, which may take time. But our dream is to eventually produce over 1,000 Megawatts over several years,” said firm’s Africa president.

He added that the company plans to finish the project in a year time if everything goes as plans.

“The project is in Kinangop area and we have been working on its development for the last two years. I am not sure we are going to finish late next year, if not, will be early 2014, but as soon as we can, the better, because its power that we need,” he added.

The multinational firm has also announced plans to invest in the railway sector in the country during the same period.

“We are working with RVR (Rift Valley Railways), Kenya Railways to try and help them improve their capabilities, our focus will be to provide high class freight locomotives among other machinery,” he said.

Ireland was speaking on Monday after the launch of a new anaesthesia delivery system called Carestation 30 by the company.

The Carestation 30 integrates the level of oxygen in the blood and other key measurements into its anaesthesia delivery system. Caregivers can now view patient data and alarm indicators on a colour display allowing efficient access to critical information.
The machine which will cost close to Sh2 million.

GE is has its footprints in 35 countries in Africa including, Angola, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania among others.

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