2012 US solar power industry report – Tax incentives in 1603 treasury program boosts growth

The US is one of the biggest solar power markets in the world. In fact solar power is one of the fastest growing sectors of the US energy industry. The recent proposal for the renewal of the tax incentives in the 1603 Treasury program and the completion of some major utility-scale projects have given a boost to the growth of the solar power industry in the US.

In 2010, there were 16 states that installed over 10 MW of solar power and the US solar power industry is fast emerging as a major demand center for solar power developers and suppliers in the world.

With growth expected to escalate thanks to the regulatory framework in place to promote the industry, the US solar power industry is definitely moving towards achieving newer milestones in the coming years.

Taiyou Research analyzes the US Solar Power Industry in its research report with a focus on the market segments concentrated solar power, solar photovoltaics, solar heating and cooling, and of course the overall solar power industry in the country.

Taiyou Research’s report analyzes the following in this report:

– Market statistics of the solar power market in the US
– Solar resources in the US
– Market growth at present and in the coming years
– Comparing the US solar power industry to the global solar power industry
– Analysis of the US solar photovoltaic market
– PV installations in the US
– Analysis of the various PV market segments namely non-residential, residential, utility installations, and market statistics by state
– Economics of solar power in the US
– Technologies investors should focus on
– Regulations that support the growth of solar power
– Solar thermal power plants in the US

The report analyzes the future of the market through an analysis of the overall solar power market, outlook for the US PV market, outlook for CSP in the US, outlook for solar water and space heating, and the outlook for solar pool heating market as well.

Over 45 major companies active in the field of solar power in the US are analyzed in Taiyou Research’s report US Solar Power Industry.