Indonesia continues to develop Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Indonesia recently reported continues to develop Lithium-Ion batteries for electric vehicles including cars and bus. Growth in Indonesia’s automotive industry lately has increased significantly, also thanks to the 2012 Indonesia Motor Show. This rapid growth has made the Indonesian government increasingly interested in developing electric vehicles. As you know, the electric vehicles can offer better fuel efficiency and, of course, environmentally friendly.


However, developing electric vehicles is not as easy as imagined. Moreover, the Indonesian government still difficulties in using the Lithium-ion batteries because they have to buy from overseas. However, Indonesian Research & Technology Minister said that they will continue to improve and develop the electric-powered vehicles. The main focus is on the battery, and created a battery with small dimensions but has a greater power.


Gusti Muhammad Hatta, Research & Technology Minister said, “Lithium-ion batteries for electric cars are being developed. We will try to make a battery with a small size but has a greater power. While the batteries we use today have a large size,” said Gusti Muhammad Hatta.

Electric Bus Prototype powered by a Lithium Battery (LiFe P04) 320 VDC/160 Ah

Electric Bus Prototype powered by a Lithium Battery (LiFe P04).

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government has also introduced an electric bus prototype some time ago in the front lobby of the II BPPT building, Jakarta. The electric bus powered by a Lithium Battery (LiFe P04) 320 VDC/160 Ah and has a driving distance up to 150 kilometers with a fully charged battery. In addition, the electric bus has a top speed of 100 km/h by using Lithium batteries as many as 100 pieces.