BASF to showcase sustainable solutions at the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s annual conference

Portfolio comprises epoxy systems, coatings, concrete, special grouting material, foams and lubricants

BASF will showcase its portfolio of innovative solutions for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of wind turbines at the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA’s) 28th annual conference and exhibition, Oct. 15-17, 2012, at theDirect Energy Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Visitors to BASFbooth 1141 will be able to see products and solutions that allow efficient production and enhanced performance of rotor blades, nacelles, towers and foundations.

Epoxy systems and coatings for rotor blade manufacturing

Rotor blades need to be extremely sturdy and weather-resistant to endure approximately 20 years of operation. Epoxy-based composites are commonly used as materials for making rotor blades. BASF provides two-component epoxy resin and hardener systems that offer beneficial properties under its Baxxodur® brand. These systems can speed up rotor blade manufacturing processes by as much as 30 percent.

Suitable coatings make rotor blades more resistant to environmental exposure. Innovative coating systems, marketed under the new RELEST® brand name, have been designed specifically for the industrial sector. They offer durability, reliable protection for rotor blades – even for those exposed to the harshest conditions. BASF’s coatings are, therefore, an important component for durable, functionally reliable and flexibly designed wind mills. These highly flexible specialty coatings offer reliable performance even in extreme exposure conditions.

Special grouting materials and coatings for wind energy towers and foundations

BASF offers special admixtures for concrete and advanced grouting materials for wind turbine foundations.  These products support long-term stability even in conditions of severe vibration and cyclical loading with the benefit of rapid strength development to assist in project turnaround. In offshore installations the MASTERFLOW® 9500 Exagrout offers high fatigue life and protection against wind, weathering and the multitude of load changes that occur.

For towers, BASF’s special coating materials provide excellent protection in any environment, as well as enhanced aesthetics.

Newly acquired PET foams

BASF strengthened its position as a leading foam provider with the recent acquisition of B.C. Foam S.p.A., headquartered in Volpiano, Italy. These sophisticated structural polyethylene terephthalate(PET) foams,which are temperature-and chemical-resistant,are primarily used in wind turbine rotor blades and will extend BASF’s product range for the growing global wind energy market.

A wind turbine gearbox is exposed to high and continually varying fatigue loads. Special gear oils from BASF ease these loads and minimize wear and tear, thus making an essential contribution to reliable wind turbine operations. BASF has also developed products to meet the industry’s need for high performance biodegradable hydraulic fluids.

BASF for wind energy

BASF supports the development of wind power as a climate-friendly source of energy in the energy mix. BASF’s portfolio for wind power applications comprises epoxy and coating systems, foams, special grouting mortars and concrete additives as well as lubricants and hydraulic systems. The innovative solutions from BASF facilitate more efficient manufacturing, coating and maintenance of rotor blades, foundations, towers and gearboxes of wind turbines. In this way BASF helps to make wind turbines more profitable and more durable. BASF continually develops and improves its wind power portfolio in close cooperation with its customers. Please