GRD Gets Electrified

We wish to share with you some news of a program innovation within the Town of Gibsons (British

Columbia, Canada).


We are launching Phase One of a curbside collection program for Recyclables in Gibsons. If this works as well as we anticipate, we will expand it in Phase Two to include our contiguous neighbours in the nearby rural areas for whom we currently offer drop-in service at our Depot.


This two-phase approach is intended to complement our current levels of service rather than replace them. In fact, it is aimed at those citizens who either have no vehicle, are infirm or otherwise incapable of visiting our Depot, or do not have the available time to do so.


This new service will not be funded by regional or Town taxes, but by subscription; thereby following the adage of “User Pay” or “Pay As You Throw”. The modest subscription fee will approximate the individual’s costs involved in visiting our Depot under the current model.


The combined effect of both the phasing and the subscription model will allow us to expand as the awareness of the citizenry grows and creates demand; hence, no awkward pauses in the citizenry adapting to the new service.


What is particularly exciting is that we will use two Ford Transit mini-cube vans which are electrically powered. Therefore, Gibsons will be the first subscribed curbside collection of recyclables in Canada, if not in North America, using Electrically-powered Vehicles (EVs), non- dependent upon taxes.


We expect to have taken delivery of the two EVs as early as last Thursday, 27 September. The dealer from whom we are taking delivery did wish that the ‘story’ be shared within his community; and, we happily comply with his request.


Several businesses and institutions are collaborating within this program, including Greenomics, Community Futures, The Gibsons Copy Shop, Cypress Power, and Vital Signs – all local businesses; and, their contributions are truly appreciated.


As you can imagine, events are now rapidly progressing.

Sincerely, and with considerable excitement . . . Buddy & Barb

Gibsons Recycling Depot