Grover Norquist: Wind power supporter (?)

Anti-tax advocate and conservative strategist Grover Norquist has a way of capturing your attention, and he definitely got ours Tuesday, co-authoring a Politico op-ed titled “WH [White House] talks wind energy but won’t support it.” Huh?

In a commentary column at Salon (“GOP anti-tax guru Grover Norquist is losing it”), Andrew Leonard breaks down Mr. Norquist’s effort, which turns out to be about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) trying to regulate a copper mine.  We won’t get into the details–it’s just great to know that Mr. Norquist, who has previously attacked the wind industry’s #1 priority, the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), is actually a supporter of wind power.  That is something we didn’t know. (In fact, copper supplies are not a significant issue for the wind industry.)

In a slightly more serious vein, we noticed another column in yesterday’s clippings, from another mining industry advocate talking about the vital importance of mining to materials used in wind turbines.  Evidently, others are noting wind power’s broad and bipartisan popularity and, as one AWEA staffer put it, “hitching their wagon to the awesome wind bus.”
Tom Gray,