Sustainable mobility with Enel Green Power

Regarding electric scooters, Enel Green Power offers the “Move without trouble” assortment that include the Bel Air and Retro Evo models, which can replace in every way a petrol-engine model.

They are approved for two people, can drive for over 65 km with a single charge and can be charged in 5 to 8 hours with only 0.50 euros.

Compared with a 50 cc. internal combustion engine, the estimated annual saving amounts to 684 kilos of CO2, and there is no road tax to be paid for the first 5 years.

2-wheel electric mobility is bound to grow and become widespread over the next few years, especially in cities. EGP’s offers for electric scooters and bicycles with pedal assistance.

Electric mobility for short or medium distance travel will boost over the next few years, according to a research publicised by Frost&Sullivan.

In 2011 the market sold 25,000 unities, while in 2018 almost 500,000 vehicles are expected to be purchased, mostly in Europe (64%).

Electric scooters and bicycles with pedal assistance will therefore be central to urban mobility.

Enel Green Power is already helping to achieve this change, thanks to its “Pedal without trouble” and “Move without trouble” varieties, and through important partnerships with institutional stakeholders.

For example in Rome, the Elebici@Roma3 project was signed on July 5th. between Enel Green Power and Roma Tre University. Under this project, EGP supplies universities with 30 electric bicycles, in free loan for use for 18 months, aimed at gathering traveling, technical and economic information regarding at least one year of use. To this end, thirty “Dinghi Wiki Lait” bikes within the “Pedal without trouble” assortment will be made available.

The goal is to triple, within the next few years, the amount of electric bicycles that are being driven, thanks to the benefits of the sustainable products offered by Enel Green Power, which combine environment-friendly technology, performance and comfort.