Bulgaria to Have 200,000 Electric Vehicles by 2025

This will account for a total of 3% of all cars in Bulgaria, the EVIC report predicts, stressing that the users of electric vehicles must get a lot of tax breaks and other incentives from the state.

At least 200,000 electric vehicles will be on Bulgarian roads by 2025, according to a forecast of the Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster (EVIC) presented by the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

Some of the proposed measures include a state grant equal to 30% of the vehicle’s worth, exemption from traffic taxes, and parking fees.

What is more, the report urges the introduction of a special tax for the families having more than one vehicle running on fossil fuels.

The EVIC report has been drafted under a project funded with EU money from Operational Program “Human Resource Development”

It was presented by Zhechko Dimitrov, a program director at BIA, Iliya Levkov, chair of EVIC, and Ivan Neykov, chair of the Balkan Labor and Social Policy Institute.