Gamesa G8X-2.0 MW and G9X-2.0 MW wind turbines received certificates in China


Gamesa Wind Turbines including G80, G87, G90, G97 and G87 CS –each of them with 2.0 MW of capacity- have received certificates respectively from China Electricity Power Research Institute (CEPRI).

The application of testing jobs were back to April 2011, under the combined efforts of 20 people from engineering team and their counterparts in Spain, the first G87-2.0 MW was tested in Almendarache in September of 2011 and received certificate in November same year. This successful case has set a solid foundation and created a better communication platform between Gamesa engineers and CEPRI, and consequently makes it possible for the other four types of Gamesa machines to get tested and receive certificates within 9 months.

For the advanced G128-4.5 MW wind turbine, Gamesa is scheduled to receive the certificate in China in the coming two months after finishing a series of tests of LVRT in Alaiz, Spain on 14th of August, 2012. It will definitely help Gamesa to develop the further market for this type of the machine in China.

In the time being, Gamesa G58-850 kW has been tested in Liaoning province by Northeast Electricity Power Research Institute (under CEPRI) and received certificate in March of this year. G52-850 kW is on the way of testing and will receive the certificate soon.