Renault-Nissan plans to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles


The electric car is the big bet Renult-Nissan alliance.

Renault-Nissan aims to reach an accumulated sales volume of electric vehicles from 1.5 million units worldwide by 2016.

Nissan has developed electric cars like the Leaf, which was released in Japan and the U.S. in December 2010 and in Europe in March 2011 and sold more than 23,000 electric cars in the last year.

Nissan said that as part of this commitment to the development of new electric vehicles, their intention is to have a range consisting of four electric cars by 2014, to be found among the Leaf, a new Nissan commercial electric vehicle and a car Infiniti electric.

Nissan plans to start manufacturing the lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles using the Leaf outside Japan. Thus, the plant in Smyrna signature (U.S.) start production of these components in the second half of 2012. When the center work at full capacity can produce 150,000 electric vehicles and 200,000 batteries a year and create 1,300 jobs.