More wind power in Sri Lanka


Addressing the opening ceremony of the wind power plant in Sethapola, Daluwa, Norochcholai, the minister said that the coal deposits will be come extinct within the next 20 years and it is time to pay attention to non traditional energy sources.

This new power plant would add another 30 megawatts of electricity through wind power to the national grid from Thursday.

According to the ministry, 30 megawatts of power was generated through three wind power plants in Kalpitiya of Northwestern coast. The three plants will generate 90 gigawatts hours per year.

The government aims to increase the wind power generation capacity to 63 megawatts with the expertise of local engineers. The estimated local investment was Rs. 7.2 billion.

The minister said that the government will develop the wind power as an energy source to meet the country’s energy requirements, especially to supply power to many remote villages.

Accordingly, the government hope to add 400 megawatts of wind power electricity to the national grid by the year 2020.

Sri Lanka’s national energy policies and strategies aim to produce 10 per cent of the country’s electricity requirement by 2015, through non conventional renewable-energy sources such as wind power, solar power and bio gas, ministry sources said.

Kalpitiya Electorate Organizer MP Victor Anthony, Hayleys PLC Chairman Mohan Pandithage, Region Powertech Company Managing Director Madhusudan Kemi Ka, Ceylon Electrcity Board (CEB) Vice Chairman Anura Wijepala and a number of guests were.