Grid connectivity issues faced by the German Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind is one of the most important technologies to the current German energy strategy. The country plans to have ceased all nuclear energy generation by 2022, and focus is increasing on renewable energy technologies.

The country plans to have 10 GW of offshore wind power generation capacity by 2020, which would be equivalent to the capacity of 10 nuclear reactors.

Combined with the expansion and modernization of existing land based power lines, the grid connection of offshore wind represents one of the most pressing issues for the government’s renewable energy strategy.

Present delays in offshore wind grid connection have raised serious concerns over the possibility of Germany achieving its renewable energy target by 2020.


– The report provides detailing on the current issues faced by the German offshore wind market.

– The issues related to grid connectivity, the role of transmission service operators to provide streamline connectivity for offshore wind farms and the compensation package for offshore wind farm developers and the service operators are covered in this report.

Reasons to buy

– The report provides information currently faced by the offshore wind farm developers in Germany.

– The grid connection problem could delay the scheduled date of commercial operation of some of offshore wind farms in Germany.

– As a result this will impact the growth in installations.

– So through this report individuals will have understanding of German offshore wind market.

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