Concentrating Solar Power in Mexico

Abeinsa EPC (Abengoa) is building the solar thermal field of the Agua Prieta concentrated solar power plant.

It includes 26 cylinder-parabolic trough collectors and will supply 14 MW to the power plant that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is building in Sonora, Mexico.

Since this project inception, Abeinsa EPC has been coordinating its work with CFE, to be able and successfully incorporate the solar field to the power plant. Once completed, it will be the first solar combined cycle project of the country.

Abengoa’s EPC Company is currently headed by Brandon Kaufman, and is involved in three important projects in Mexico, resulting in a fast growth of the Company business in the country. Besides the Agua Prieta power plant, Abeinsa EPC is building the Baja California IV power plant and the Zapotillo aqueduct.

Abeinsa EPC team in Agua Prieta, Mexico
Abeinsa EPC team in Agua Prieta, Mexico