Series production of the N117/2400 wind turbines commenced in line with plans

Nordex has been series-producing the N117/2400 onshore wind turbine since mid July and is thus fully in line with plans. The N117 wind turbines are now being produced at the European production site in Rostock as well as at Jonesboro, Arkansas in the United States for projects in Germany and the United States with a total capacity of over 130 MW.


Shortly before this, TÜV Nord had awarded Nordex the construction approval certificate in accordance with the specifications of the “International Electrotechnical Commission” (IEC). Certification for the N117/2400 encompasses the three hub heights of 91, 120 and 141 metres, configurations with 50 and 60 Hertz as well as the normal and the cold-climate version.


Back in May, Nordex had received certification for Germany in accordance with DiBt 2 as well as for the normal-climate version with hub heights of 91, 120 and 141 metres.


The next step for Nordex will be to include further suppliers in the IEC certification. In addition, it is preparing type certification for the N117/2400. This is based on the construction evaluation but additionally also requires measurements of the prototype wind turbine, a dynamic blade test and production evaluation, among others.