Wind power comes to rescue in Jodhpur district

Wind power came to the rescue of the Jodhpur DISCOM districts during the tripping of the Northern and Eastern power grid even though others had to wait until the power units at Kota, NTPC and Hydel power plants at Rana Pratap Sagar and Jawahar Sagar resumed supply.


“The wind power supply limited the power cut to just two hours in Jodhpur DISCOM from 1300 hours to 1500 hours, through which we have been drawing 800-900 MW power.


“With the instant removal of tripping, we immediately put in use the wind power and resumed power supply starting from hospitals to PHED water pumps, railways, high court and administrative offices”, said A K Gupta, MD, Jodhpur DISCOM.


Jodhpur city had two swings after the power supply resumed at 1500 hours, after which entire city had undisturbed supply of power by 1550 hours.


With the removal of tripping, the first supply started with 20 MW and it gradually increased.


“Later, we started receiving power from KTPS, NTPC and hydel power plants of Rana Pratap Sagar and Jawahar Sagar”, he said.


By 1600 hours, power supply had been resumed in all the district headquarters of the 10 districts in Jodhpur DISCOM but supply to the industry and agriculture have not yet not been resumed.


“They will have to wait until the entire problem of grid failure is solved and the steady power supply is resumed”, Gupta said.


Already under the pressure for a failed monsoon, the farmers are not able to begin sowing in the irrigated areas.


The situation is similar in local industries.


Industries in Jodhpur are basically export-oriented industries with a strong base of handicraft, guar gum, textile and steel sheet and utensils industries.


Production has been stalled in all these units.


“We are concerned as production is supposed to be on through night and day given the orders to meet the festive demand”, said a handicraft industrialist.