Wind Power to Dominate Renewable Energy Initiatives in Brazil

According to a recent research report “Brazil Wind Power Market Analysis” published by KuicK Research, wind power has become the next big thing for the Brazilian power sector. The wind power generation has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years and has come out of the background in the power sector in Brazil. Even though the power generation is dominated by hydropower in Brazil, wind power is catching up fast. The report suggests that there has been an increase in wind power generation by 500% from 2006 to 2011.Overall capacity grew from 237 MW in 2006 to close to 1500 MW by end of 2011.

The report takes a look at Brazil’s power policies that are increasingly shifting from hydropower to tap more sources of energy, wind power being the priority. Brazil is going to take the same auction route for distribution of its wind power generated, to the consumers. This will result in the wind power being a cheaper and better source than hydropower in Brazil. The encouragement of wind power generation in Brazil will also affect Brazil’s dependence on rain for hydropower while it can focus on exploiting abundant wind resources in its Northeastern region.

The report gives behind the scene details of the reasons that have brought about yet another transformation in the dynamic Brazilian power sector with respect to wind power. More than 50% increase in Brazil’s wind power generation capacity in 2011 has made Brazil the center of attraction for domestic and international investors alike. In a world where sustainability and renewable energy are fast becoming the choice of energy, Brazil clearly has become the frontrunner.

Kuick research’s latest report “Brazil Wind Power Market Analysis” on the Brazil wind power sector is well researched publication providing careful and deep insight on the installed capacity, on and off shore wind resources, government regulations and policies and competitive landscape with prime focus on the future of this abundant source of power, that Brazil has just begun exploiting.

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