Nova Mining President Leaves for China to Negotiate Lithium Supply Pricing with Battery Manufacturers

“It is definitely a seller’s market,” stated Dilger. “My focus will be on getting the absolute highest price for lithium, period. We are in this business to implement the most lucrative arrangements possible and for the purpose of enhancing shareholder value. It is fortunate for us that lithium prices are escalating so rapidly while worldwide supplies are so critically short.”

Lithium has become front page news recently as numerous reports reflect that the boom in Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad sales, smartphone sales and new electric car manufacturing has squeezed the worldwide supply of lithium while tripling prices. According to Bloomberg Businessweek: “Investors from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to BlackRock Inc. are trying to make money from the exploding popularity of iPads and increasing sales of hybrid cars by investing in producers of lithium for batteries.” The Bloomberg article can be seen at

Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN) seeks out the most potentially lucrative mining projects and supplies of strategic high-demand minerals, such as lithium, as part of its aggressive economic business model. Lithium is the main ingredient in long life batteries, like those used in many of Apple’s popular electronic devices, Microsoft’s new Surface tablet and Tesla Motor’s new electric cars.