Wind energy in Dominican Republic: Wind power generation totals 20.9GWh in three months

Wind power generated power in March, April and May hit 9.24GWh (1% of total production in the month), 4.97GWh (0.46%) and 6.7GWh (0.55%), respectively, according to OC’s report.

The country’s installed wind energy capacity by year-end will increase to 85MW with expansion of Los Cocos wind farm, and up to an additional 100MW are scheduled to come online by end-2013 with projects Guanillo and Matafongo.

State-owned electric utility (CDEEE) in May signed PPAs with Parques Eólicos del Caribe (Pecasa) and Grupo Eólico Dominicano for Guanillo and Matafongo, respectively. Other developers hold provisional wind power concessions.

The first wind farms in the country were inaugurated in October with Energético Punta Cana-Macao’s 7MW Quilvio Cabrera complex and EGE Haina’s 25MW Los Cocos wind farm.