Wind power in Dominican Republic: wind farm adds 52MW with Gamesa’s wind turbines

The power company EGE Haina announced a US$100.0 million investment in the second stage of the Los Cocos wind farm, which will add 52 megawatts to the grid when it starts generation later this year. Los Cocos currently generates 26 MW and is expected to reach 77 by yearend.

EGE Haina CEO Tito Sanjurjo started the first of 26 wind turbines which are arriving at nearby Cabo Rojo port and will be trucked to the wind farm located at Juancho, where together with the 14 are already installed will total 40, and which takes its investments in the country to more than US$ 400 million.

National Energy Commission president Enrique Ramirez, who accompanied Sanjurjo, said Los Cocos is a new step in the country’s wind energy development, with 85MW entering the grid by yearend.

He said the country has the Caribbean’s biggest wind power system and third in Central America behind Costa Rica and Honduras, with up to 1,300 MW and “incalculable” wind power and solar energy potential.