Texas system operator tallies new wind farm record: 8,368 MW

ERCOT, the corporation that manages the utility system covering most of the state of Texas, notched yet another wind power production record Tuesday, with a high of 8,368 (megawatts) MW generated from wind turbines at 7:25 p.m. A graphic showing total wind capacity installed and hour-by-hour total load and wind generation is available here. It shows:

– Wind power generation from the state’s wind turbines remained above 6,000 MW for the entire day.

– During the hour of peak demand (4-5 p.m.), wind energy averaged 7,790 MW, or just under 15 percent of total peak load of 52,423 MW.

The new mark easily topped ERCOT’s previous wind energy record of 7,925 MW established April 13.

Tom Gray, www.awea.org/blog