Inspired by the wind power

The Global Wind Day photo competition – which attracted a massive 2,300 entries – is supported by Wind in Mind, a Swedish company that makes products out of sailcloth. Wind in Mind are giving sail cloth wash bags to the six lucky photo competition winners set to be announced on 15 June – Global Wind Day itself. Here, they tell the EWEA blog about their passion for the energy that’s in the wind…

With a passion for sailing the wind has always had a central role in our lives. To reach our sailing goals we depend on the wind. And from our passion our company Wind in Mind grew. Wind in Mind designs and produces trendy and functional products from scrap sailcloth left over from sail production. A small piece of sailcloth for the sail maker becomes many wallets, bags and toilet bags. We want our products to give a sense of wind and ocean even when you are on shore. Like our sailcloth lamp shades that refract the light as sunbeams through a sail.

Three friends are the founders of Wind in Mind. Three friends with different backgrounds but with a mutual love for open water, the wind and sailing that has developed since childhood. While living close to a sail loft, we learnt how sails are made and understood the value of good handicraft.

Sailing is one way to use wind energy. A quiet and clean way of moving forward slowly, giving the chance to discover new places along the way. Using the wind for producing electricity is another clean and safe way of using wind energy, not damaging the earth and not using up infinite natural resources.

We have many reasons to support the Global Wind Day photo competition. The name of the competition “Wind in Mind”, that is the same as our company name, gave us new perspective on what Wind in Mind could be. At the same time we see many similarities: the aim to use existing resources and the central role of the wind. The wind is so important to so many people in so many ways.

On Global Wind Day, 15 June, we will celebrate by reducing our prices on some products during that day and the weekend after.

We think it’s important that Global Wind Day focuses on the advantages of using the power of the wind. We are sure that the pictures of the photo competition will help to spread the message of Global Wind Day and help getting wind energy into people’s mind all around the world.

By Annika Hadenius and Mari Wikström, Wind in Mind,