Wind energy welcomed by China

According to the report, with 32 approved wind power projects, China Huadian Corporation topped the five major power groups.

An industry insider close to Huadian claimed that, at present, the profitability of domestic wind power is relatively good. Depending on the conditions of the new generating units, Huadian will focus on wind power development in the next few years.

Wind power can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and has received national policy support as a clean source of energy, the report said.

Some other industry researchers pointed out that thermal power generators will still be the main force in the next decades. Clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic solar power generation can only gradually increase their proportion in the power generation structure, but will continue to compensate for the lack of thermal power.

Since the Spring Festival this year, the NDRC has significantly accelerated the processing speed of major construction projects. In April alone, a total of 328 projects were approved, twice as much as last year.