ANERT told to set up 500 photovoltaic solar energy plants in Pathanamthitta

Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) has decided to request the ANERT director to set up 500 off-the-grid solar energy plants of 1 kw capacity each in the district, by including the same in its annual plan project.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Mr George said the district-level advisory committee meeting held on Saturday has decided to ask the ANERT director to set up bio-gas plants as part of the ongoing waste disposal mission in the district.

He said ANERT should also provide as many as 1,000 smokeless kitchens to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe sections of the society in the district as part of the ongoing energy conservation drive.

The District Panchayat president has further called upon the ANERT to sanction a 10 kw solar power plant too for the public sector establishments in the district this year.

He said the meeting the Panchayat would ask ANERT to prepare a detailed project report on the proposed small hydro-electric project at Kokkathode.

K.G. Chandramohan, ANERT district programme manager, and C.K. Chandrabose, State technical director, also attended the meeting.