Wind energy in Chile: approved a wind farm of Ibereolica

The wind energy project will be enabled on a site located in the Commune of Freirina, Huasco Province, Atacama Region.

The wind farm will provide renewable energy to the SIC, becoming the largest wind power project to be inserted in region III. This is a technology project to be developed by Ibereolica under a scheme of optimal environmental performance and social commitment.

The wind power project is committed to a sustainable generation that takes advantage of a local resource, without dependence on fossil fuels, thus contributing to reducing harmful emissions that enhance health and climate change. Its realization involves the creation of at least 100 direct jobs during construction. In the operation stage will be set between 8 and 10 direct jobs permanent. It also provides the incentive for business development and ancillary services.

The increasing energy demand experienced by the country encourages the need to search for new sources of supply nationwide. The national electricity supply is solved fundamentally from conventional-type plants, such as large hydroelectric plants and power plants (coal, oil and gas).

In the country only a small percentage of demand is covered by non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE). However, in recent years have significantly improved conditions for the development of NCRE in the country, resulting in the development of new projects in this area.

In this sense, the "Cape Wind Farm Lions" is part of the power generation market from taking advantage of a renewable resource such as wind energy, producing a clean and safe energy to provide electricity to the Central Interconnected System (SIC) for its distribution nationwide, helping to diversify the country’s energy matrix and implementing a zero-emission source of carbon (CO2) into the atmosphere.

The Group’s environmental policy states that the purpose Ibereolica company developing a sustainable industrial activity and friendly environment, so the project includes the implementation of recovery programs and environmental protection, and systematic training of staff in this such measures.

According to the document submitted for approval in September, the wind farm will have 85 wind turbines and cover about 94 hectares, while the investment will reach $ 365 million. Construction is expected from April 30 this year.

The Group also submitted a transmission line linking the wind farm with the Central Interconnected System (SIC). Passage of the Day of the transmission line is scheduled for May 24, 2012. The construction of the 220kV line and 56.6 miles begin next January with a $ 23 million investment.

Wind power in Chile

2002: 1 MW
2003: 2 MW
2004: 2 MW
2005: 2 MW
2006: 2 MW
2007: 20 MW
2008: 20 MW
2009: 168 MW
2010: 172 MW
2011: 205 MW

By José Santamarta,