Pakistan should move for wind energy and solar power

As summer is on its way, the government warned the people about severe power outage this year.

At the same time, the incumbent increased the electricity prices up to 21 percent, claiming snow has not started melting and the water is at dead levels in dams.

One can imagine level of energy crisis in the coming years if timely planning is not done by the concerned authorities. If we are really serious in resolving the issue, we will have to adopt alternate energy resources.

Fortunately, we are blessed with renewable energy resources including sunlight and continued winds. Wind speed is adequate in Sindh and Balochistan to produce electricity.

Many projects have been completed in the recent times. To make obvious that wind energy is feasible in the country; the instance of 85 micro wind turbines, installed to power 356 homes in Mirpur Sakro, is quite enough.

Wind energy can also be used perfectly in the country, as 40 turbines are successful working in Kund Malir, and are providing electricity to 111 homes.

Sunlight is other plentiful energy source we have in Pakistan. According to an estimate, 20 percent electricity could be produced to cover all of Pakistani demand if we install solar panels only on 0.25 percent area of Balochistan.

In some countries, solar system is also used for cooking. In order to prevent our country from deforestation, we can shift the cooking system in the country on solar system, particularly in the rural areas.

The electricity crisis is getting worst day by day despite being blessed with all these resources and facilities.

Short-term plans to overcome the crisis like rented electricity are only waste of time and money. One major factor is inconsistency of the governments, as the newly elected government does not continue the projects started by the previous government.

Due to the pervasive malaise of corruption, many developmental projects are not completed despite foreign collaborations.

The government does not give any incentive to those who want to invest in the energy sector. Until the incumbent make serious efforts and offer major financial incentives to investors, we cannot improve the worsening situation of energy sector.

With our geo-strategic position and the abundance of natural resources, Pakistan can comfortably get ahead as leader in renewable energy.

Faisal Farooq,