Dubai abattoirs to apply solar energy system

In order to achieve the targets of Dubai strategic plan and within the efforts of Dubai Municipality to protect the environment and natural resources, Dubai Abattoirs are keen to apply the solar energy system in producing hot water aimed at saving the energy and following green building standards.

Ahmed Hassan Al Shammari, Head of Abattoirs Section of Public Health Services, said that the section has been using hot water of 65 c to clean the slaughtering halls, tools and equipments, where the water is heated using steam heaters to produce steam to heat the cold water in the thermal exchange unit.

These boilers are powered by burning diesel fuel and chemicals needed to maintain the required levels of the elements within the permissible limits.

Al Shammari added that the section initiated to apply the solar system by installing solar panels and complete thermal exchange system and to connect it with the water heater system of abattoirs. So far, 210 solar panels have been installed, which can heat 70,000 litters of water to 80 on daily basis. The new system will reduce the periods of operation of steam boilers, which will lead to preserve the environment and reduce operating expenses.

He emphasized that the Abattoir section is confident about the benefits to be achieved by implementation of this project. It contributes effectively to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel, electricity to stove and run boilers, water consumption and chemicals for boiler water treatment, save the cost of boiler maintenance and reduce toxic gases emission produced by burning diesel.