Nordex obtains a wind energy order in Turkey

The customer is the Tektug Elektrik Group, which specialises in sustainable energy projects and already operates several hydroelectric power stations. The wind farm will consist of eleven large N100/2500 turbines, which are especially designed for sites with medium wind speeds.

Nordex plans to start installation work in eastern Turkey as soon as autumn 2012. The wind farm is located at an altitude of 1500 metres on a mountain ridge near the city of Adiyaman. The average annual speed prevailing here is 6.9 m/s. Under these conditions the wind turbines are able to generate an annual yield of 60 GWh.

Nordex will be coordinating the local construction work through its Turkish subsidiary, which will later take charge of servicing the wind turbines. In order to create as much local value added as possible, the turbine manufacturer will be procuring its towers from Ciltug A.S., a well known 40 year old hydro mechanical and electro mechanical equipment manufacturer, which belongs to the Tektug Group.

“This order is a major success in the growing Turkish market as this is the first wind project for Tektug Elektrik. And our new customer has ambitious plans to expand. In addition to this, our pilot project is located in the East of Anatolia. This also offers opportunities for follow-up wind power projects,” says Ayhan Gök, Managing Director of Nordex Turkey.