juwi and Millbrook First Nation Moving Forward With Millbrook Wind Farm

Last month, juwi Wind Canada made another positive step in entering the Canadian wind energy market when one of juwi’s Community Feed In Tariff (COMFIT) eligible partners, the Millbrook First Nation, received a COMFIT award from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy for a project located in Colchester County.

Over the next 12-18 months juwi Wind Canada will work with the Millbrook First Nation to conduct the necessary resource measurement campaigns, environmental assessments, and community engagement to verify assumptions, grow community partnerships and responsibly develop the project. Once constructed, the 6 megawatt project will consist of 3 turbines, interconnected to the local electrical distribution system. The project will operate under the Nova Scotia COMFIT program, and will be majority owned by the Millbrook First Nation.

"juwi is pleased to be partnering on a project that expands upon our company’s community development history and success," stated juwi Wind Canada CEO Michael Rucker. "The Millbrook wind energy project is a true community based project. It will enjoy the financial strength and development expertise of juwi, and ultimately be majority owned by the local community. Most importantly, it will create local jobs and revenues while providing a clean source of renewable energy for the community."

"The juwi model engages and partners with the community they work with and that’s the Millbrook First Nation model. Our ability to partner with companies like juwi promotes our economic agenda. The clean energy plan introduced by the province of Nova Scotia decreases our dependence on fossil fuels, a necessary step to protect our environment," stated the newly elected Chief of the Millbrook First Nation, Bobby Gloade.

The wind power project will be developed under a partnership between juwi Wind Canada and local wind turbines developer Community Wind Farms Inc. (CWFI). Under the partnership, juwi will provide development capital and expertise, while CWFI will perform the day-to-day development ground work.

"I am delighted to be working with juwi Canada and Millbrook First Nation on this COMFIT project," said Keith Towse, CEO of CWFI. "We look forward to working with the community to develop the project."

About The juwi group
juwi is one of the world’s leading specialists for renewable energies with a strong regional presence. Our goal: 100 percent renewable energies. Our impetus: Work together to implement renewable energies economically and reliably with passion. From site selection to planning, construction and financing up to management — juwi is the competent partner for the energy transition with a regional focus.

Besides solar, wind and bio energy, company activities include hydropower and geothermal energy as well as Green Buildings and E-mobility. juwi was founded in 1996 by Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung in Rhineland-Palatinate. Today, the company employs more than 1,700 people in 15 countries and had an annual turnover of more than a billion Euro ($1.32 billion US) in 2011.

Up to date, juwi has constructed around 525 wind turbines with an output of around 920 megawatts; in the solar sector more than 1,500 solar power plants with a total output of around 950 megawatts. These plants generate approx. 3.5 billion kilowatt hours of green energy per year; this corresponds to the annual power consumption of approx. a million households. For the realization of these projects juwi has initiated an investment of more than four billion Euro.

juwi is one of Germany’s best and most sought-after employers. In 2011, the company was among the Top 20 (in the category 501 to 2,000 employees) in the renowned competition organized by the "Great Place to Work Institute." The juwi group has offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, the USA and Costa Rica. In Germany, juwi has subsidiaries and regional offices in twelve German states.

Millbrook First Nation is located in Truro, Nova Scotia. The community has a stellar track record in financial management, has established profitable business relationships and has ownership and equity positions in real estate holdings and business ventures throughout Nova Scotia. The Millbrook Economic Development Corporation, (MEDC — a committee established by Chief and Council), is recognized within the broader business community of Colchester County as a valuable and effective business partner, collaborates with the Town of Truro and is represented on the Board of Directors of the Colchester Economic Development Agency (CORDA). Millbrook First Nation continues its pursuit of economic development opportunities and regional growth opportunities that in turn meet social and economic needs of its membership.

Community Wind Farms is a Nova Scotia based company focused on developing community based wind projects across Nova Scotia. We are working with municipalities, First Nations, community groups and landowners across Nova Scotia to develop a portfolio of wind farms under the Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) program introduced by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.