Power Electronics for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

As a consequence, electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) will represent the biggest accessible market for power device and system makers. Without getting completely mature, the EV/HEV industry has seen its first steps toward standardization. Electrical configuration shows a preference for parallel and split structures. Following the same logic, DC/DC boost converters and DC/AC inverters architecture for full HEV and EV are adopted. Getting the best switch at the lowest cost is a must. IGBT will continue having a bright future in hybrid and electric cars.

We expect the power module market to be near $5 Billion, most made with IGBT. It is huge and will change the game in power electronics market!

But there are still some uncertainties:

What about new power semiconductor device adoption?
Which materials will be preferred?
What are the consequences on the rest of the powertrain? Cooling? Integration? Connectivity? Passives?
What are the consequences on the supply chain?

Electrical Architectures Are Chosen but Supply Chain Keeps on Changing

China: Market Opportunity or Competitive Threat?

Technology Developments: Active, Passives and System Integration Passive Components Are Playing a More and More Active Role

Who Should Buy This Report?

Car manufacturers and tier-one
– Understand the supply-chain evolution and the technologies coming
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– Understand your new market and plan your business expansion
Power electronics players: material, equipment, device and module market players
– Get the full picture and benchmark competitors and partners technical solutions
– Understand the value-chain and its evolutions
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