Wind energy in Italy: 950 MW of wind power in 2011

Anev (National Association of wind energy) and Ato (Association of producers of renewable energy) point out that in 2011 the wind energy industry installed 950 MW.

The new wind farms during the past year and connected to the grid were, in fact, the order of 950 MW, in line with what happened in 2010.

The number of wind farms in 2011, although lower than the average for the period 2009-2010, suggests equilibrium, but in reality it is not. Almost all of the installed wind power capacity in 2011 is derived from the authorization process that started several years ago and have seen their conclusion only recently, after a very bumpy road that raises the average duration of authorizations to 4 years instead of the 180 days provided.

Remember that wind energy sector development and related business will be an opportunity for industry and job creation that must have the appropriate supports.

The occupation of the wind power industry in Italy is about 30,000, with an average annual growth of about 5,000 jobs. In a difficult time like this is very convenient to preserve jobs in the wind energy sector.

Wind power in Italy

1997: 103 MW
1998: 178 MW
1999: 283 MW
2000: 427 MW
2001: 682 MW
2002: 785 MW
2003: 904 MW
2004: 1,265 MW
2005: 1,718 MW
2006: 2,123 MW
2007: 2,726 MW
2008: 3.736 MW
2009: 4,850 MW
2010: 5.797 MW
2011: 6.747 MW

By José Santamarta,