Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Europe

The concentrated solar energy generation share reported in the NREAPs will reach 19.3 % of solar electricity by 2020 and the share of the RES electricity 1.7 %, with a yearly average growth of 28 %. By 2010 the CSP technology is present only in Spain, with an amount of 4.13 PJ, and Italy with 0.03 PJ.

In all the other Member States the technology is introduced later. From a technical and resource point of view there is no risk, however, the later introduction can mean a capital risk.

Leading countries

Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal presented CSP technology by 2020 with an amount of 55.45 PJ, 6.14 PJ, 3.61 PJ, 3.51 PJ and 0.81 PJ. Spain alone represents 77 % of the total CSP electricity production in EU 27.

The highest CSP share within the renewables electricity is in Cyprus and Spain with 19.1 % and 10.2 %. Also Cyprus and Spain have the highest CSP share within renewables in 2020 with 7.36 % and 6 %. The biggest relative change in CSP energy, compared to 2010, is expected in Italy.