New York City getting six electric car taxis next year

ew York City will soon receive six new cabs in the form of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles (EVs) come Spring 2012. Back in 2007, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that all NYC cabs would be hybrids by 2012. This green effort was further accelerated later in 2010 when Ford decided to close its Canadian plant that produced both the Crown Victoria and the Lincoln Town Car.

Having to say goodbye to the traditional Crown Vic cab meant looking to other models, and Bloomberg was determined to make hybrid and electric vehicles the replacements.

New York City has since placed Camry Hybrids, Highlander Hybrids, Altima Hybrids and Escape Hybrids on its streets, and now, a new all-electric member will make its way onto NYC’s busy roads: the Nissan Leaf.

In Spring 2012, NYC will receive six Nissan Leaf EVs as part of a test program to see how well all-electric vehicles would operate in the busy city. The Leaf has range of about 62 to 138 miles per charge, but a serious problem has been the lack of charging stations placed throughout the city.

The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission has announced that starting in the spring, six Nissan Leaf electric cars will begin service as taxis in New York City.

Three fleet-operators will split up the Leafs, but the cars from each operator will share a single medallion. Because of this fact, there will only ever be three of the cars on the road at any time.

Chargers will be created in airport holding lots, garages around the city, and at the homes of other Leaf-owners. Leafs can go 60-130 miles per single charge.