Kuwait Oil Company’s solar energy plans ready

Kuwait completes solar power plans. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) announced completion of plans for the biggest project at the national level to secure lighting at inland oil installations by using solar energy.

The company has realized necesstiy of providing alternative and clean energy at the remote sites in the desert, the project head of West Kuwait Directorate, Saeed Al-Duwaisan, told "Al-Kuwaiti" magazine.

West Directorate priority is to maintain a clean environment, therefore, a study is applied to implement the trials at other sites, to reveal the pros and cons for future projects, he added.

The possibility of using this project in the other installations depends on the needs of cooperating groups and a range of services supporting the West Directorate to implement existing ideas, such those presented by the staff of operations or marine exportation, he said.

For his part, the project engineer, Fahad Al-Ajmi, said the purpose of the venture is to provide lighting for gas and oil installations in the Directorate, using sources that are eco-friendly such as solar energy. Moreover, such energy resource is economically feasible, for a single battery lasts as long as 25 years.

He re-stressed on importance of this project for it will not produce carbon emissions and can provide free power for 25 years