Renewable energy in Ukraine

The installed capacity of renewable energy facilities in Ukraine in 2012 will at least double, according to Vitaliy Daviy, the president of the Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine (APEU).

"I think Activ Solar will launch at least 150 MW solar power plants. [Facilities with] some more dozens of megawatts will be built by Rentechno and SunElectra. The wind energy sector will see an increase by 100-150 MW under wind power projects of DTEK and Ukrainian companies cooperating with Fuhrlander. A significant rise in capacity is expected in the biofuel heat thermal generation sector – from the existing 68 MW to 150-200 MW," he said at a press conference on renewable energy at Interfax-Ukraine on Friday.

At the same time, Israel-based SunElectra forecasts more dynamic growth of Ukraine’s solar energy sector.

"According to my estimates, solar power facilities with 700-800 MW will be built in the country in 2012-2013," said SunElectra founder Peter Rozenkrants.

Experts agree that Ukraine is now a key market for renewable energy investments.

According to APEU, the total installed capacity of solar power plants in Ukraine is currently about 170 MW, that of wind farm plants is 117.5 MW, small hydro power plants 104 MW, thermal power generation facilities using alternative fuels (agricultural and wood waste) 68 MW. In Ukraine there are also two industrial enterprises that produce motor biofuels and their overall output capacity is about 30,000 tonnes of fuel per year.