SEACOR Marine and Windcat Workboats Group Announce Wind Power Investment

U.S.-based SEACOR Marine, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CKH), operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the global offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry worldwide with operations and infrastructure concentrated in the United States, Latin America, North Sea, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Based in Holland and the United Kingdom, Windcat operates in the main offshore wind markets in Europe. The new venture with SEACOR Marine is expected to strengthen Windcat’s position in the offshore wind market and to provide the capability to expand Windcat’s presence in markets outside of Europe. Windcat presently owns and operates a fleet of 30 wind farm vessels, including the first HSC classed 45 passenger wind farm vessel, Windcat 101. It is anticipated that Windcat will benefit from SEACOR Marine’s experience and its diverse fleet of vessels to provide a complete package for offshore maintenance and construction of current wind farm projects, including in preparation for new wind farm developments under the UK Government’s Round 3 Initiative. Windcat’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its focus on safe operations, as well as its current management, will remain unchanged.

SEACOR Marine operates a diversified fleet of modern and efficient vessels, servicing the global offshore oil and gas exploration, development, and production industry worldwide. SEACOR Marine provides its customers with a comprehensive suite of services, including crew transportation, platform supply, offshore accommodation, maintenance support, standby safety services, and anchor handling and mooring capabilities in both shallow and deepwater environments.