Industrialization of 3 MW Wind Turbines by Shanghai Huayi Wind Energy

According to relevant notice, the ‘Project of Industrialization of 3 MW Wind Turbine Generator Unit’ submitted by Shanghai Huayi Wind Energy and Electricity Co., Ltd. ([Shanghai Huayi Wind], the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Huayi Wind Energy Co., Ltd.) was listed as the 2nd batch of significant project plan of high-tech industrialization of Shanghai in 2011, with the investment subsidy with the supporting line of RMB14.4 million obtained.

Shanghai Huayi Wind has recently received the initial investment subsidy of special funds of RMB2.88 million verified and granted by Shanghai High-tech Industrialization Promotion Center, with the remaining funds simultaneously verified and granted yearly according to the raised funds of project unit after verification.