Impsa signed wind energy agreement in Uruguay

The agreements with the state agency consolidate the company as a leader in wind power generation in Latin America. Impsa, through its subsidiary WIND POWER GENERATION CENTRAL LIBERTADOR I SA, has signed with UTE (National Electric Power Generation and Transmission) power purchase contracts for 20 years, related to 50 MW wind turbines contract and 14, 7 MW of the tender promoted by the Uruguayan government and the state agency.

These wind farm projects provide a total investment of approximately USD 165 M. The wind farms, which are the first of the company in this country, are located in the departments of Lavalleja and Maldonado, 10 km from the city of Minas. The beginning of the construction is scheduled for later this year, while the begining of operations envisaged for about 18 months afterwards. During construction, 2500 direct and indirect jobs will be created.

Following the policy of the Uruguayan Government and UTE, an important part of the equipment will be manufactured locally beginning a business plan similar to those that were successful in Brazil and Argentina, making wind turbines technology transfers that does not exist in the country at the moment and generate a large network of manufacturers, builders and suppliers. Also, an important part of the funding will come from the main Uruguayan banks.

Impsa has also committed to train local technicians and professionals to take charge of the service center in the country with the aim of the operate and mainten wind farms in Uruguay.

The energy produced in the farms will supply of renewable energy to more than 92,500 households in the region which means not to deliver 112,500 tons of CO2 per year.

With this, Impsa has become the leader in wind power generation from renewable sources in Latin America and reaffirms its interest in promoting industrial development and wind farm generation in Uruguay.

By José Santamarta,