EGP renewable energy leader in Sud America

570 millions invested in renewable energy projects in Chile and three wind power projects in Brasil totaling 193 MW: Enel Green Power strengthens the presence of the Enel Group in Latin America.

With a hydro, wind turbines, solar energy and geothermal energy capacity amounting to 668 MW, Enel plays a significant role in Latin American markets in which, according to the New Policies Scenario of the WEO 2010, energy demand will grow as much as 50% by 2035 (1.5% annual growth).

Specifically in Chile, EGP is planning to invest 570 million dollars (about 417 million euros) in renewable Energy over the next five years, in order to exploit the great potential connected with the development of wind farms, in the country’s northern region, and of solar power in the region of the Atacama Desert.

Enel Green Power is operating in Chile since 2001 with two hydro plants having an installed capacity of 90 MW, while deep drilling is taking place in two geothermal energy sites up north, demonstrating a potential exceeding 100 MW.

In Brazil, within the “New Energy” public tender that took place in 2011 Enel Green Power won supply contracts for three wind farm projects, for an installed capacity of 193 MW. These projects are being developed in the country’s northwest, specifically in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte, the latter jointly with Endesa. These plants will go online in 2014.

These projects will add 193 MW to the 90 MW of wind farm regarding a contract that Enel Green Power was granted last year and to the 93 MW of hydro that are already online in Brazil, where the energy demand is expected to grow at an annual rate of approximately 5%

in Central and South America Enel Green Power operates 32 plants in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Chile and Brazil.