Henkel showcases innovative adhesives for the concentrating solar power industry

The company’s high-performance adhesives and sealants are making a substantial contribution to raising the quality and lowering the cost of manufacturing products for the concentrated solar energy industry.

Bonding solar panels presents a particular set of challenges, due to the incompatibility of materials and the testing outdoor environment. The elastic adhesives Terostat MS and Loctite Silicone not only provide high-quality bonds but are also ideal for use on substrates with different thermal expansion rates as they compensate such relative movements. They are extremely resistant to weathering and, crucially, can withstand UV radiation. Moreover, they bond excellently to glass, metal and plastics – without the need for primers.

Henkel also offers the elastic adhesive Macroplast UK as a solution for bonding parts with similar thermal expansion coefficients. This adhesive is ideally suited to securely fix the centre of gravity of mirrors.

Controlling production costs requires a high degree of automation, which is made possible using adhesives such Terostat MS and Loctite Silicone and Macroplast that are specifically designed to cure very quickly and reliably on the production line.

Experts from Henkel will demonstrate the properties and applications of these products at the SolarPACES congress in Granada, Spain, from Tuesday the 20th to Friday the 23rd of September 2011.