Sinovel to supply wind turbines for a wind farm in Brazil.

Sinovel, the second largest manufacturer of wind turbines, will provide wind power equipment to Desenvix, which plans to sell wind energy to the lowest price in the world. Sinovel is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in China and second in the world. One is his first trips abroad will be building a wind farm in Brazil.

Desenvix will use 23 wind turbines SL1500/82  for the wind farm of 34.5 megawatts called Barra dos Coqueiros, in the state of Sergipe.

This is the first contract of Sinovel in Latin America. Wind farm developers agreed last month to sell electricity from 44 wind farms in Brazil at an average price of 99.58 reais per MWh (55.88 dollars, just 40 euros per MWh), making it the cheapest price paid for wind energy.

Some wind power developers are forced to buy Chinese technology to reduce costs. Wind turbines represent up to 75 percent of the costs of a wind farm. China’s wind turbines can cost $ 1.12 million per megawatt installed in Brazil, 14 percent below the average world price.

Of the 1.9 gigawatts of wind power projects that have signed contracts to supply power during the last two auctions in August, nearly half had not got a supplier for wind turbines a week later, according to New Energy Finance. This means that Chinese manufacturers can have a great opportunity to join one of the most promising wind energy markets. Sinovel also plans to build a wind turbine factory in Brazil.

By José Santamarta,