REpower receives wind turbines order to deliver seven public wind farm plants

They will be installed by the Suzlon-owned equipment manufacturer at seven community wind energy projects to be commissioned in 2012 and 2013. With total output exceeding 114 MW, the projects represent one of the largest public commitments to wind energy in the region. REpower Systems SE (WKN 617703) has concluded contracts with seven communities in Northern Friesland to deliver a total of 47 wind turbines. 33 two-megawatt (MM82 and MM92) and 14 high-performance three-megawatt wind turbines (3.4M104) are to be used.

Master agreements have been agreed with a buying syndicate under the direction of WEB Andresen GmbH. The turbines will achieve a combined output of 114.83 megawatts (MW) and should ensure production of environmentally friendly electricity in the region from 2013 onwards.

Northern Friesland is the stronghold of public wind farms in Germany: “Citizens are involved in many of the wind projects implemented in Northern Friesland”, commented Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems SE. “The benefits to the initiators are plain to see: Not only business tax but much of the value added stays in the region and the citizens can play active roles in the planning process”.

According to Jens Müller-Nielsen, Managing Director of REpower Systems GmbH, all eyes are currently on Northern Friesland in view of the further expansion of renewable energies in Germany: “With the success model of public wind farms, the region is leading the way for other regions and states, especially in Southern Germany”.

All seven wind farms have a full maintenance contract for 15 years, with a further five-year option, and are expected to be constructed at the end of 2012 or in 2013. The contracts are currently still under conditions precedent.