Arise Windpower increases wind energy capacity

The Södra Kärra and Blekhem wind farm plants, with a combined output of 21.6 MW, are now in operation. Each wind farm consists of six Vestas V100 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 1.8 MW each. This brings the company’s total fully operational production capacity to 124 MW.

Construction is underway on a further 15 MW, which are expected to become operational in the autumn. The new output will come from the Skäppentorp project in the municipality of Mönsterås, where one Vestas V112 3MW turbine is being erected, and from the Gettnabo project in the municipality of Torsås, where the installation of six 2 MW wind turbines is now its final stages. Once all these turbines are up and running, the company will have 139 MW in operation, generating an estimated 360 GWh in a normal wind year.

The Skäppentorp turbine has a tower height of 119 meters and a rotor diameter of a massive 112 meters. This is the first tall turbine to be built by Arise Windpower and the first of its kind in Sweden.

"It is important to acquire experience of how to install a turbine of this size effectively, especially as we are planning to build 66 similar turbines in our Jädraås project. It is also our intention to expand Skäppentorp by a further 20 wind turbines of equivalent size. Work on applying for permits for this expansion is currently in full swing," Peter Nygren, CEO of Arise Windpower AB, says.

Arise Windpower’s own crane will prove valuable for the installation of the taller and more efficient wind turbines that are now reaching the market.

"Our crane can handle lifts of 100 tonnes up to a hub height of 147 metres, and here we will only be lifting to 119 metres so it’s not going to be a problem," Mats Olofsson, Managing Director of Arise Kran AB, says.

Arise Windpower is one of Sweden’s leading companies in onshore wind power. Its business concept is to sell electricity generated at the company’s own wind turbines. The company’s target is to have about 700 MW (equivalent to about 300 wind turbines) in operation or under construction by 2014. Arise Windpower is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Arise Windpower AB (publ), P.O. Box 808, SE-301 18 Halmstad, Sweden, telephone +46 (0)35 20 20 900, corporate id .no. 556274-6726.