Xtreme Green Products maker of electric vehicles has deal to sell wares in Mexico

Xtreme Green Products Inc. recently signed a 16-month deal with Mexico City company AB Safe SA De CV to distribute Xtreme Green’s products in Mexico.

AB Safe will distribute Xtreme Green’s 100 percent electric police mobility vehicles, scooters, motorcycles and utility trucks to individuals, companies and government agencies in 29 states and one federal district in Mexico, excluding Yucatán and Jalisco.

"Our primary focus is on shareholder return, and we have demonstrated through this master distribution agreement that we can effectively distribute our vehicles abroad without burdening the corporation with the overhead of building, staffing and maintaining dealerships abroad," Xtreme Green President and Chief Operating Officer Neil Roth said in a statement.

Xtreme Green’s electric cars use lithium ion iron phosphate battery cells that emit no pollutants. The company plans to expand to Europe, Australia, South America and the Middle East this year and next.