EU to fund Polish wind farm projects

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has launched a programme which will see 400 million zloty (100 million euro) at its disposal for wind energy projects.

“Energy network companies and wind power developers which are constructing connectors to the Polish national grid at their own cost may apply for funding,” Witold Retke, head of the National Fund’s team for green investments told the Puls Biznesu daily.

The wind turbines projects envisages that companies receiving the EU grants will be awarded 200,000 zloty (50,000 euro) for each MW that will be pumped into the power grid.

No minimum or maximum limits have been stipulated as to the amount of subsidies that may be granted, although every firm can bank on a 40 percent for connection to the grid, although the minimum project value must amount to 8 million zloty or more.

The announcement comes after the European Commission launched legal action against Poland last week after the government failed to pass a law on renewable energy.

Under EU regulations, 15 percent of Poland’s energy is to originate from sustainable sources and the law on renewable energy should have been passed by December last year.