UK adding wind power and solar energy to electric vehicles charging stations

Electric vehicles are undeniably an eco-conscious driving choice, but the electricity used to power them has to come from somewhere. Solar powered charging stations are becoming more widespread across the U.S., and now British green energy innovator Ecotricity has unveiled its For the Road Electric Highway initiative, which provides charging station locations spanning the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Those charging stations are made even greener because all of the power used in those charging stations is coming from renewable sources — including wind turbines.

The use of wind energy to power electric cars is relatively unique, and currently only one station, located at Reading’s Green Park business park, is connected directly to wind turbines. The six year old wind turbine has an 85 meter hub height and a rotor with a 70 meter diameter, and generates about 3.5 million units of electricity each year. Electric car charging stations aren’t Ecotricity’s only green initiative, though; the company also has a Green Gas program which will generate cooking and heating gas from organic waste. Ecotricity’s Electric Highway system has four stations currently operational, and another eight which will open in September.