Nepal’s first wind farm project in a dying state

Twenty-five years passed since the wind power project was set up in Kagbeni of Mustang district, but it is about to turn into ruins now, thanks to utter indifference by authorities concerned.

Established in 2042 BS with the support from foreign donors and an investment of around Rs 10 million, the 20-KW wind turbines centre was shut down within two months of operation after pillars of its wall crumbled and two wind turbines were destroyed by high wind blowing from the north.

The previous government way back had appointed eight staff under the leadership of engineer Bhola Shrestha to smoothly run the project. However, not a single employee are there now.

While many instruments worth millions of ruppes were stolen, some of them have been broken. Local residents have been demanding that the wild energy project be repaired.

Studies have shown Mustang has high potential in generating wind power that is beneficial in many ways—conserving environment and forest by reducing carbon emissions and providing electricity at the same time.