The Solar Power Future: Italy

A two-day conference organized by SolarPlaza discussing how the Italian PV market will develop and change in the coming years.

SolarPlaza, the global platform for the development of the PV market in the world, has chosen Milan as the site for the Italian edition of the 2011 conference "The Solar Future." The two-day conference brings together Italian and international industry professionals and investors looking to take stock of the Italian market, which in 2011 will once again be back in second place worldwide.

In Italy, photovoltaic solar energy in the residential sector is getting closer to reaching grid parity. The fate of big ground-mounted solar power plants and whether they will continue to be built in 2012 will be among the points addressed at the conference.

"Over the past five years,” explained Edwin Koot, CEO of SolarPlaza, “the price of modules has fallen by about 20%. This means that today, even in Italy, a photovoltaic system has become more attractive than it was before. If we calculate a depreciation of 15 years and an interest rate of 6%, the photovoltaic power in Italy today could be around €0.24/kWh. That essentially means that the cost of solar electricity has become equal to that of traditional electricity.”

“In the future,” continued Mr. Koot, “the market will shift from incentives to saving on energy costs. I think over the next three years in Italy, the cost of energy produced by a photovoltaic system will be approximately €0.18/kWh, and a 3kW system will cost a few thousand Euros. According to our forecasts, it will be more attractive for customers to pay less for energy from solar sources than to invest directly in a system. This means rethinking the current business models beginning today, taking into account the falling module prices."

The conference will host institutional representatives, trade associations, and Italian and foreign companies in the industry, and, thanks to the experience and contributions of the most skilled photovoltaic professionals in the market, will place Italy at the center of the international stage. Participants include internationally renowned companies like AE Photonics, retailer and manufacturer of solar systems; Satcon, global manufacturer of inverters; SolarAccess, an international developer of large plants; and Jinko Solar, manufacturer of modules with vertical systems and one of the sponsors of the event.

The day of October 7 will be dedicated to visiting a system installed on the roof of a commercial building and one installed on the ground.

The conference schedule, still under development, is available at Persons interested in receiving updates can subscribe directly to the SolarPlaza newsletter.

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