NEC Launches Household Energy Storage System

NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the sales launch of a household energy storage system equipped with lithium-ion batteries that automatically controls electrical power in the home. Initially, 100 units of this industry first system will be available for home construction companies and businesses beginning 18 July 2011.

This system automatically carries out electric power control by connecting to a home’s distribution panel and enabling interactive coordination with a power company’s power supply system and a household’s electric devices, solar power systems and other equipment.

This interactivity enables the system to store power during nighttime hours, when power consumption is low, then to use the stored power during afternoon hours, when power consumption reaches its peak. This reduces both the demand on power companies as well as household electricity charges.

Moreover, the system is equipped with transmission functions that enable remote observation of its operational status and convenient provision of maintenance services.

Recently, in consideration of the supply and demand conditions for electricity during summer in Japan, initiatives to shift the peak afternoon power consumption time and reduce the overall volume of power consumption are steadily advancing. Furthermore, households have become increasingly aware of the importance of access to electricity for essential needs in the event of an emergency or blackout, in addition to the necessity of power conservation.

This industry first system satisfies these needs by capitalizing on the security and long life of NEC’s lithium-ion battery technologies as well as integrating power control advancements through information and communication technologies.

NEC aims to drive the expansion of household energy storage systems in 2012, and to continue promoting system development in the future.

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